straus 1

"History/Tales", Galerie im Turm, Frankfurter Tor 1, Berlin, May 22 - June 30 2015

2015 "IKONISCH/ICONICO", Goethe Institute Madrid (E)
"History/Tales", Galerie im Turm, Berlin
"2.5.0. - Object is Meditation and Poetry", Grassi Museum, Leipzig

"Leipzig, Heldenstadt?", Goethe Institute Marseille (F)


"Medial state of emergency 3 – back to school", National Museum,
Szczecin (PL)

"Source" - Nanjing University of the Arts, Nanjing (CN)
BIOGRAPHY II – WE, Fotogalerie Wien, Vienna (A)

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In an exlinkpfeilinterview on the pages of the Goethe Institute Alba D’Urbano talks about Leipzig, where she is living for the last 15 years.